Reflections …..

Where did January go? Friday 1st February and the end of another busy week. But it’s Friday. That feels good.

We’ve  been working away on materials for the next Working Group meeting on 6th (note the slightly earlier 10 for 10.30 start time) and there’s still a bit to do before then. But we’re looking forward to it. What a great help the Working Groups are.

We’ve been doing other things too. We had a Steering Group meeting on 28th Jan and we’ve added more information to the blog so there’s now a page about how we’re hoping to capture reflections and comments as the project progresses. There are several ways to give us feedback but an easy way is to add a comment in response to this blog – or simply add something at the bottom of the Project Reflections page. You can comment anonymously if you prefer – but we’d love to hear what you think if you have a few minutes to jot down your reflections…