Reflective Workshop Pilots

Three of the six pilot Workshops have now been completed – and we’re very much looking forward to the next one.

We need to wait to hear from everyone who is helping with the pilots before reviewing the materials to take account of the different perspectives in the feedback. It will be really interesting to see if patterns emerge.

A big thanks to all who have given us feedback to date. We have really appreciated your willingness to tell us what you thought – what you liked or didn’t like and what could be improved.

We’re looking forward to hearing how you get on with the Reflective Tool. (Remember to ask for the downloadable e-version if you prefer to complete things on your computer rather than on paper).  We also hope that you’ll stay in touch and tell us (email, phone or via this blog site) about your ongoing reflections.

For anyone who is is still waiting to join one of the pilot Workshops, we’re looking forward to meeting you. Thanks in advance for your willingness to help. We hope that you’ll find the Workshops interesting and enjoyable.

Reflective Tool – Test versions sent

The Reflective Tools (I say tools but it is really 2 versions of the same Tool) were sent out to test on 18 Feb. Thanks to our willing helpers from the Working Group.

I was a little concerned when I realised that I was unable to save the active form into a usable PDF document. But not one to be discouraged (for long!) with a bit of rethinking we now have two versions of the Tool – one for those who prefer to complete on screen and one for those more comfortable with a printed document.

Downloadable e-version: This version can be downloaded and saved to your computer normally – completed on screen and saved as you go. If you want a tea break, you can save your work and stick the kettle on. Come back to it when you can. No one else sees what you write. When you have finished and want to use your Tool for supervision or Peer Support, simply print it and go. TIP: Print the introduction once and keep it handy. Each time you complete the Tool (perhaps for different children or at different times), you then need only print from the start of the self-completion Tool (currently page eight onwards).

Downloadable PDF version: This version is intended to be used as a printed document. It has more space to write your reflections. You need to save your reflections as a hard copy. You cannot type into this document.

We’re grateful to all our enthusiastic volunteers and we look forward to your comments. Don’t spare our feelings – we want the Tool to be as useful as it can be.

Thanks again!

Reflections …..

Where did January go? Friday 1st February and the end of another busy week. But it’s Friday. That feels good.

We’ve  been working away on materials for the next Working Group meeting on 6th (note the slightly earlier 10 for 10.30 start time) and there’s still a bit to do before then. But we’re looking forward to it. What a great help the Working Groups are.

We’ve been doing other things too. We had a Steering Group meeting on 28th Jan and we’ve added more information to the blog so there’s now a page about how we’re hoping to capture reflections and comments as the project progresses. There are several ways to give us feedback but an easy way is to add a comment in response to this blog – or simply add something at the bottom of the Project Reflections page. You can comment anonymously if you prefer – but we’d love to hear what you think if you have a few minutes to jot down your reflections…

Meetings, partnerships and teamwork!

28 Jan 13: A day of meetings! We started with the Steering Group. An excellent meeting. It’s great to work with so many committed colleagues and it really feels as though we are making progress – loving the partnership approach. We talked about the Blog and how it can be used for leaving comments. We’re looking for everyone to get active! You can comment on posts anonymously – so why not have a go and tell us what you think of the project and your experiences so far. Go on, have a go! (I’m pretty new to blogging too – but it’s good to learn!!)

After the Steering Group we talked about the Reflective Tool that we’re developing – lots of useful ideas for that too. And then a team meeting – thanks team! Great support. Lots of coffee to keep us going!