…food and the practices around food has enormous potential to help children be nurtured and recover from the absence of nurture, to help children feel as if they belong, to help children feel connected and to make relationships.

In a longer version of this video Ruth and Samantha describe the research in more detail.

Food for Thought explores the ways in which food is used symbolically by children, foster carers and residential staff.  It looks at how food comes to stand for thoughts, beliefs and feelings and how these can be better understood and harnessed in the care of children.

  • Looking for new ways to understand or work with children and young people?
  • Has the way in which the child you care for uses food ever caused you concern?
  • Would you like to develop creative ways to support children and young people?
  • Looking for ways to help children demonstrate their care for you and for others?

On this website you will find a wealth of resources to help.